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Everyone in-house is already busy?

Rosa Resources

We Solve Your Challenges in Workload Management.

Rosa Resources is a desirable service catering to agencies with periodic workload surges. Our strategic collaboration ensures efficiency, scalability, and compliance with global industry standards, making us the preferred choice for agencies valuing quality and reliability.

We seamlessly integrate into your workflow. For you, it’s like calling a teammate – for your clients, we were never there.

Design Checks

You are running local campaigns and need a check if all countries are in line with global guidelines?

CD/CI guidelines | typography rules | asset placements | size, form & colors


Your new key visual is awesome! But adapting it into 200 different media formats is probably not the task you like the most. Let us help with that.

localization | transcreation | format | color profiles

Correction Loops

Your design is done but proof reading and clients are just not stopping? Get your creatives on to new layouts, we can handle this for you.

copy changes | proof reading & editing updates


AI is being used more and more to create ideas and insights. It is fast and a big help in a pitch where you always have too little time. But AI, (and humans too) sometimes hallucinate insights without any proof. If you build your big idea on a wrong derivation, it’s embarrassing at best, but can cost you the client if you don’t understand their business well enough.

Keep working on your pitch – time is crucial – and let us support your case with reliable sources and studies.

research | fact check | verify sources | image search


The final work of final artwork

print templates | color profiles | document formatting | image resolution & quality | die-cut

Asset Editing

Look at all those assets emerging from various places. They all look different. It’s probably a good idea to unify them first.

image editing | post processing | color matching | cutouts | profile conversion


Got a PPT from the strategy department? Oh yes, we understand. We can already hear your creatives cry. Know what? Give us the deck and an INDD master – we do the rest.

layout to PPT | template master | document cleanup and layouts

Workload management, content localization, & campaign efficiency. Our services allow for a scalable workload, removing bottlenecks, & providing rapid executions.

We work on a competitive rate – that challenges freelancers, without the hassle & administrative costs.

Reduced legal risks

  • No bogus self-employment
  • Industry standard GDPR rules & TOMs
  • Internal data protection officer
  • Supply Chain Act compliance

Higher budget efficiency

  • Pay by hour or general agreement & only what you really need
  • No risk if your client jumps off or the project doesn’t take place after all
  • No artist social security contributions, no overhead, no administrational costs

Simple & flexible in use

  • We seamlessly integrate into your workflow
  • One-time onboarding, no IT access requests, no HR involvement, no ever-changing freelancer contracts, no master data maintenance
  • Resources available on short notice

When Resource Partners need a hand without disclosing their challenges, we discreetly step in to support behind the scenes.
Our Resource Unit takes immense pride in their work – not for the recognition, but for the excellence it embodies.

Our white label solution is all about discretion!

Networks? – Yes!
Global Brands? – Yes!
Your Competitors? – Most Likely!

That’s all we give you ...